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You are a unique person and special person - and a lot of things will become clearer when you start believing it. From bladder weakness to night sweats, women talk about their real experiences of the menopause By Emily Badiozzaman. Talking to someone else about your problems will help you to get them into perspective. You know it is ok? My girlfriend is thinking of getting the contraceptive injection that you get every three or four months. My girlfriend wants me to pass urine. Will we have problems conceiving?

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Trouble down there: 7 common reasons for your kid's discomfort

Pinworms spread easily when an infected child scratches the itchy area usually the anus, but girls may have an itchy vulva too and gets pinworm eggs on her fingers or under her fingernails. My wife won't wear fetish clothes. Will we have problems conceiving? Storm chasers capture what it's like in Stop feeling shame regarding your urges.


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