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Skip to main content. Some year-old girls in Florida and New Jersey both told me that if they didn't [send photos] they had been threatened with boys sending rumors about them, sending around a picture that actually wasn't them and saying it was them. On how males' and females' pictures differ on Tinder. For example, "Send me nudes," or a boy sending a nude picture of himself. Pornographers have found that they get more traffic, more clicks, more views, whatever, the more extreme that it is. This is a pressure on social media that goes back, for women and girls, a long time. But the girls' pictures

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A "slut page" is when someone, typically a boy, not percent of the time, but mostly a boy or boys, will collect nude photos of girls in their school or in the area's schools and post them on a page.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008-2013) Nude Scenes

Skip to main content. It was through talking to girls that I started thinking about porn, and they really enlightened me about the effect that porn was having on their lives, because they would start describing to me interactions that they had with boys. For example, "Send me nudes," or a boy sending a nude picture of himself. I've seen them on Facebook or Instagram. Suddenly their phone blows up and they find out, "Oh my god, you're on this page. It's a thing that I don't think that boys have to deal with as much. Her new book, American Girls, opens with a story about one year-old who received an Instagram request for "noodz" [nude photos] from a boy she didn't know very well.


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